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The Freycinet Experience Walk was established in 1992 by former town planner Joan Masterman. Together with architect Ken Latona, Joan was instrumental in setting up Tasmania’s first hut-based guided walk along the famous Overland Track in 1987. That background laid the groundwork for the establishment of Friendly Beaches Lodge and the creation of The Freycinet Experience Walk. Joan is deeply committed to caring for the environment and is still involved in every aspect of operating the walk and the lodge. 

Along with the spectacular natural setting of the Freycinet Pensinsula and the award winning architecturally designed lodge, the quality of the friendly and knowledgeable staff at the Freycinet Experience Walk is what makes this an outstanding walking experience. Joan hand picks her team and guests are delighted with the intelligent and enthusiastic group that has she has gathered together.

We are proud members of both the Great Walks of Australia and Great Walks of Tasmania. Due to our strong environmental ethos we are also proud of achieving the highest level of certification by Eco Tourism Australia:  Advanced Eco-Certified.



Friendly Beaches Art

Joan Masterman’s passion for the arts has seen her build up a collection of prominent Tasmanian artists at Friendly Beaches Lodge. Each year adding a new piece to the eclectic mix, influenced by the natural beauty of the environment in which the lodge and collection reside. After a days walking guests can return to Friendly Beaches to contemplate works by Richard Wastell, Helen Wright, Kerry Gregan, Barbie Kjar, Tim Burns, Sally Curry, David Keeling, Bea Maddock and Ricky Maynard.

This passion also inspired her in collaboration with David Handley (Founding Director of Sculpture by the Sea) to create Ephemeral Art at the Invisible Lodge in 2006 and 2008. Interstate and Tasmanian artists such as Ron Robertson-Swann OAM, Sasha Reid, Peter Adams and Julie Gough used sand, casurina pods and burnt wood to create temporary, contemporary masterpieces that were scattered amongst this sublime landscape, which was magical. You can view the works here.

We encourage all guests to go to the exciting new gallery in Hobart, the Museum of Old and New Art, MONA, before or after their trip (closed Tuesdays). Visit our enquiries page for details about our exclusive package with MONA.


Art of Nature SMH

Tasmania tour: Paradise on a pedestal
by Andrew Bain

Andrew Bain visits Tasmania’s Freycinet Peninsula on a three-day guided walk that combines art, the outdoors and fine food. On a Tuesday afternoon, the galleries at Hobart’s Museum of New and Old Art (MONA), are cavernous. Australia’s most famous private art gallery is closed and only 12 people are strolling through its rooms. We each have a glass of wine in hand. It is pure, subterranean decadence.
I am on the new Art of Nature trip run by Freycinet Experience, the pioneer of guided walks on Tasmania’s Freycinet Peninsula. For three days, we will indulge in a combination of the three features that all but define contemporary Tasmania - art, the outdoors and fine food and wine.  Click here to download the PDF

Lets go exploring, Tasmanian Life, Spring 2013
by Susanne Kennedy

The endless bird parade took our collective breath away, and included grey shrike and fairy terns, parrots, black swans, herons, pelicans, cockatoos, pied oystercatchers, white-bellied sea eagles and soaring peregrine falcons – said to be the fastest creatures on earth.

Trails of the unexpected - Weekend Australian

Trails of the unexpected, The Weekend Australian, May 2012
by Helen McKenzie

Cooks and caretakers Sonya and Tyler greet us with ginger cordial and brilliant chocolate brownies. The secret of the brownies is simple, according to Sonya - you just double the amount of Lindt chocolate in the recipe. None of us is missing cooking at home.

The Quiet Peninsula - Nicholas Shakespeare

The Quiet Peninsula, The Monthly, May 2011
by Nicholas Shakespeare

It is a priceless place, unlike any other know, giving you a chance to be out of touch with the world and yet in contact with yourself.


A walk in the park, Washington Post, 2010
by Nathan Borchelt

Breathtaking views, rugged adventure and cubic poo: it doesn’t get more beautiful - or stranger - than Tasmania’s Freycinet Peninsula.

Click here to download article


Great Walks Annual Special, 2010
by Gabi Mocatta

How often, in the humdrum of ordinary life, does one find a place so evocative it sends a shiver of goosebumps down the spine? On Tasmania?s east coast, on the gorgeous Freycinet Peninsula, there?s just such a place. This was the territory of Tasmania?s Oyster Bay tribe, the area?s original inhabitants, and the path we are following was once trodden by their feet. There?s noone else around and the bush is whisperquiet.
Flitting wrens and our breathing are the only movement and sound. To be here in this quiet feels like it must have to its first inhabitants: just a breath away from Garden of Eden perfection.  download the full article here

Conde Nast

Conde Nast Traveller, November 2009
by Isabella Tree

We’re perching on stools and chairs around a table in Geoff King’s cabin like a family of parakeets, heads cocked for the slightest noise coming over the baby monitor. The lights are off and the curtains drawn. Dipping into abalone stew by candlelight, we’re as quiet as possible, trying not to scrape the chairs or clatter our spoons. Outside the Southern Ocean is bashing the coast straight from the shores of Patagonia.  Download the full article here


13th in Australian Traveller Magazine’s, 100 greatest Holidays of Australia April 2014
Best Eco-tourism Experience- 2008 Australian Gourmet Traveller Travel Awards.
Best Eco-tourism (runner up) - 2007 Australian Gourmet Traveller Travel Awards.
Jaguar Award 2000 - Gourmet Traveller Australia for Innovation in Travel.
National Commercial Architecture Award -1993
Environmental citation from the Royal Australian Institute of Architects - 1993