Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any mobile reception?
There is no mobile reception at Friendly Beaches Lodge and only small patches of reception along the Freycinet peninsula (Telstra network being most reliable). Our guides will happily point out these areas if you would like to discreetly check messages or make a phone call.We do encourage guests to switch devices off as much as possible as we think this increases the sense of isolation and in return the enjoyment of the experience.

Can I charge my devices?
We only have one power board at the Lodge to charge devices so it is best to bring them fully charged. We recommend phones to be put onto flight mode to extend battery life.

What amount of luggage can we bring with us?
As we are a lodge based walk, you are free to bring all your luggage with you and store it in your room at the Lodge.

Can I get my own room?
In most cases we are able to offer individual travellers their own room at no extra cost. Please let us know if this is required.

Are the bathrooms shared?
Yes. Our accommodation is separated into two lodges. Each lodge has four bedrooms, a lounge area with fireplace, two toilets, a bathroom, shower and a sink area. You are only sharing with a maximum of 5 people.

What is the weather like and what if the weather is bad?
We choose the best months of the year to operate our walk which is from October to April. Check the weather forecast for Coles Bay a week before departure to give you the best idea of what the weather will be doing.
If the weather is ominous, the boat may be prevented from heading out. In this situation alternative plans can be carried and segments of the walk modified to allow for the best outcome.

What do I carry each day?
All that is carried is a day pack containing lunch, two litres of water, weather proof jacket and personal items, such as camera and sunglasses.

How much time do we spend out walking?
The main walking component is on day 2 and 3. On these days the majority of the day is spent away from the Lodge along the trails and beaches of Freycinet National Park. The actual walking time varies between 5 and 8 hours each day.

How fit do I need to be?
You do not need to be an elite athlete to enjoy our walks. If you already enjoy activities such as walking, swimming, taking the stairs, playing golf etc. you would be well placed to manage our walks. We recommend starting some more targeted training including walking in your daily routine leading up to the trip to ensure maximum enjoyment of the experience.

How many people on each trip?
We have a maximum capacity for 10 people per trip.

Can we be collected from our hotel on the day we depart?
It is important that guests arrive at the same time to meet their group and guides so we cannot pick up guests prior to meeting at the Old Woolstore Apartment Hotel at 8.00am.

Are there hair dryers for use?
No, the lodge is lit by solar power and there are no electricity sockets in the bathroom or guests’ rooms.

What contact number can I give to my family in case I need to be contacted in an emergency?
Calls within Australia 1800 506 003
International calls +61 3 6223 7565
Our office coordinator will be able to locate you whether you are at the Lodge or on the walk.