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Another world is waiting.

This unique, 4-day Tasmanian adventure lets you leave everything behind. A rare chance to be off the grid, out of touch with the world, yet more in contact with yourself.

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Destination ——
Dramatic mountains.
Lush forests.
Crystalline seas.

Nestled on Tasmania’s eastern tip, the Freycinet National Park’s sublime, ancient beauty humbles you. From breathtaking vistas to its rare bush orchids, this is a place of awe and renewal.

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Lodge ——
Touch the earth lightly.

Nestled amongst fragrant casuarina, tea tree and banksia, experience living in award-winning, sustainable style. Come home to comfortable beds, relaxing hot baths and selected works from some of Tasmania’s finest artists.

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Walk ——
Follow in ancient footsteps.

Each day, as your guided walk begins, a new adventure awaits; from discovering fascinating gems of indigenous history to meeting abundant local wildlife. Return each evening inspired and invigorated.

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People ——
Guides that evoke curiosity
and wonder.

Our guides will enrich your stay with their genuine, caring approach and enthusiasm for the region. Away from 21st century distractions, you’ll enjoy moments of heartwarming camaraderie.

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Food ——
Elevate the moment.

At day’s end, take your seat at the long Tasmanian Oak table and enjoy the freshest ingredients, carefully selected from local providores, then lovingly prepared. Wine, conversation and contentment flow, as city stresses dissolve.

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This is the original and award-winning Freycinet Experience Walk – a four-day guided adventure covering the entire length of the Freycinet Peninsula on Tasmania’s sublimely beautiful east coast, including the iconic Wineglass Bay.

Discover forests of towering white gums where you and your walking companions, a maximum of 10, feel like the only souls on Earth. Then return each evening to the award-winning Friendly Beaches Lodge, nestled in its own secluded sanctuary, where delicious, candle-lit meals, steaming hot showers, deep baths and comfortable beds await.

Walk beaches of powder white sand. Hike spectacular pink granite mountains carrying only a small daypack. Explore the region by boat, go fishing, swimming and snorkelling and travel to uninhabited Schouten island.

For the duration of your stay, the lodge is for you and your walking companions exclusively. With only one trip held at a time, four knowledgeable staff members are focused purely on making your trip as enjoyable as possible. Unpack just once and sleep blissfully in private, comfortable rooms with warm, goose down doonas and quality, Egyptian cotton sheets.

Experience Freycinet from a truly unparalleled perspective.

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